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Shangrila Cultural Tour - José Carlos Monteiro, Brazil, April 2015

"We had great times in Shangri-la. The region is very interesting and the guide Thupten was very efficient.

You may be sure that we will recommend you to our friends, whenever they want to go to Tibet.”

6 days Shika Trek - Mr. Timothy Ward, USA, August 2014.

“First of all, consider me a fully satisfied customer.


I thought the route was spectacular, the crew friendly, cheerful, and always so considerate of my needs. I felt very well taken care of every day.


Thubten is an amazing guy, and I have to say I think it would be a challenge for any guide to have only one guest for 6 days in a row. He was open, authentic, humorous, and as he shared my passion for Buddhism, we found much to discuss along the way. Although he told me he does not have much education, I found his English not just  good - he was able to clearly express very sophisticated thoughts and ideas. He told me about the various temples, the meaning of their artwork, the legend of local deities - but beyond the tour guide stuff, really engaged me in some deep conversations. At the same time, he remained light and cheerful, and very much himself.


He also took really good care of me as a guest, telling me what we were going to do the next day, translating for me whenever I wanted to speak to someone else, looking out for me (right down to being aware of where I should put my feet when the ground was slippery).


In sum, he was great, and a real asset to your company. Thank you for choosing him for me.


Kelsang: Day three proved challenging for me, as I developed stomach trouble that left me feeling weak and unsure if I was going to be okay on the uphill climb. Kelsang was very responsive to my needs, he cooked light food, exactly as I ordered, and suggested Pu-erh tea with ginger that really helped me feel better. He ever offered me some Chinese medicine that I think also worked wonders - because at the beginning of day four, my stomach cramps and frequent need for the toilet has ceased, and I was recovered! He also struck me as a real gentleman, and was always helping the horsewomen and Thubten in easy that seemed beyond his duties as cook.


Dolma and Dolma: I was delighted to find we had women managing the horses. I am strongly in favor of gender equality, and these two proved totally competent in the most physically demanding role of the crew. They were always in a good mood, friendly and cheerful, and it was delightful spending the evenings around the fire with them.


At the end of the trip, I felt warm towards to everyone.


I would like to add that the host nomad family we stayed with on Day 3 were also warm, hospitable and delightful people. They seemed genuinely happy to have me in their summer camp for a night.


Lhasa Trip -  Jor & Thibault, Thailand, April 2014.


“We would like to thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip during April 21-28, 2014 for Shangri-la, Lhasa & around. It's not only those landscapes and beautiful monasteries but also those Tibetan culture, food, people and they way lives are being that we are so much appreciated.

We were very impressed and even at some points we were speechless (after many wow's), yet return back to our country and became story tellers. We recommended our friends visiting Tibet, and if they can make it, they should make their way to you. 

Special thanks to Mr. Sonam and Ms. Lhakdon (and the drivers) who made our trip completely amazing and meaningful. They both are very good (please kindly share this with your agent partner in Lhasa too).”

Lijiang and Shangrila tour - Devakun Family and friends, Thailand, March 2014.

“Shangri-La city is very charming. We were so impressed by the local people and their customs. The surrounding scenery is breathtaking and stunning, unlike any other places. 

The highlight of the trip was when the local family welcomed us in their home for a mouth watering Tibetan Hot Pot dinner and traditional dances performance. 

Of course that the trip would have not been so memorable without our terrific tour guide Kelsang and the hospitality of Mr. Dakpa and his lovely hotel, Arro Khampa. 

Las but not least, the personal touch of Khun May, the hotel operations manager, who completed the charm of our Journey.” 

Shangrila Tour - Alex and Geraldine, French West Indies, March 2014

Thank you very much for such a beautiful journey. Magnificent landscapes, great hospitality and detailed explanations from our guide. 

2 days Ringa Trek - Sophie and Tanqui, France, March 2014

Thank you very much for the trekking. The landscapes were beautiful and the night at Ringa´s village was full of peace. Our guide was very intersting as well! 

Napa Lake and Ringa trek - Sabrina Christian, Switzerland, May 2014. 

Thank you very much for the 2 tours. We had a very nice trekking and a tour by car. We saw a lot of the country and Tenzin was very friendly guide who explained us many things, thank you!​