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  Terms and Conditions:

    Reservation and payment policy  

  1. A non-refundable deposit of the 30% of your trip is required at time of reservation to guarantee a seat.  Full payment is due 72 hours prior to departure.  Failure to pay in full 72 hours prior to departure will result in cancellation and loss of deposit.

  2. Payment can be made directly at the Khampa Caravan office or by bank transfer.

  3. We accept cash, debit, and credit cards.  Credit card and debit payments must be made at our office.  Personal or traveller cheques are not accepted.

   Beneficiary bank details:

  China Construction Bank Diqing Sub-branch Hepinglu Fenlichu

  Zhongdian, Yunnan, P.R.C. 674400

  Beneficiary account name:Khampa Caravan Adventure Travel Company Ltd

  Beneficiary account number (Routing details for your bank) China Construction Bank, Account number 36142756

  USD Correspondent Bank Swift: CITIUS33 (or Citibank NY)

    Cancellation and refund policy  

    Cancellation penalty is based on when our office receives notice of the cancellation.  If we receive notice 20 days or more before departure, you get a full refund.  Less than ten days, no refund.

   If you miss the departure, fail to show up at the right place or at the right time, there is no refund.  The value of your tour may not be applied towards a future tour as this is the same as giving a refund.

   Khampa Caravan reserves the right to cancel any tour or activity at its sole discretion.  In the event that a trip or activity is cancelled, Khampa Caravan has no responsibility beyond the refund of all money paid by the traveller for the tour which will be deemed to constitute full settlement.

    Minimum numbers apply to some tours and activities.

    Khampa Caravan cannot guarantee weather, traffic or road conditions.  Safety is, and always will be, our primary concern with our passengers.

    Khampa Caravan reserves the right to modify, alter, or substitute all or any part of its services when reasonably necessary or advisable. Should this occur, Khampa Caravan agrees to provide the best alternative reasonably available. Every effort will be made to adhere to the specifics shown herein; however, circumstances may necessitate alteration, including the occasional accommodation change from properties listed in this web page or your custom itinerary. Hence, all fares, schedules, itineraries, hours of arrival and departure, air schedules and special programs are subject to change without notice at any time. Khampa Caravan will not under any circumstances be liable to refund the charges as a result of modification, alteration or substitution of services, subject only to the limited claims in respect of cancellation.

    Khampa Caravan is not responsible for any shut downs or delays on the part of public transit (airplanes, trains, buses, taxis, etc.).

    Extra Activities or add ons policy

    ●  Full payment must be made at time of activity.

    ●  If you miss the activity, there is no refund.

    ●  If the activity is cancelled seven days prior to date, there is a full refund.


   Any pictures, video, or promotional footage taken by Khampa Caravan or other parties working with Khampa Caravan (which may include Passengers) during the trip will be the property of Khampa Caravan and can be used or disclosed and the Passenger consents to the use and disclosure for future promotional purposes.  The Passenger also consents to the use and disclosure of any of the person information collected regarding the Passenger (except for payment information) to enable Khampa Caravan to inform the Passenger of events and promotions.

   Complaint resolution

   Should a student or passenger have a complaint towards a staff member (guide, driver or representative) or a supplier (hotel, bus company, activity provider), please visit our office and fill out a Complaint Resolution form.  Khampa Caravan guarantees to fully investigate the complaint within 48 hours and reply to the students’ or passegers’ concern.

    Note that Khampa Caravan distinguished between “Acts of God” over which they have no control (for example forest fires, snow storms, mud or rock slides, and avalanches) and mechanical or staff issues.  Compensation is not available for “Acts of God” or if the issue is a medical emergency or a safety issue.