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Pudatso National Park & Ringa Temple
Visit of 2 beautiful lakes in Pudatso National Park which is the first National Park in China and gaze at the unique landscape that made this area be called Shangri-La. Then visit the old and amazing Ringa temple and a local family in Ringa Valley. 
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9:00am - Meet at Khampa Caravan.
9:30am - Arrive to the entrance of Pudatso.
12:30pm - Lunch in the park or pack lunch.
14:00pm - Back to the entrance of Pudatso.
14:30pm - Arrive to the Ringa temple.
5:30pm - Back to town.

Morning we will drive to Pudatso National Park. Which is the first National Park in China . Located 30 minutes outside of town off of Road 214, the 660 square mile park has a visitor center, two lakes, a number of interesting minority villages, lush forests and pasture views. At the visitor center you take a park bus to the first stop 8 miles away from where you can walk for a mile to several miles on a raised wooden walkway, pass by Shudu Lake 300 acres in size and then catch the bus again to your next Bita Lake. 

After the park visiting, we drive into the scenic but isolated valley of Ringa where the holy temple is located atop a fragrant hill of pine and spruce forests with fluttering prayer flags. Used to be one of the oldest temples in Kham, (rebuilt recently) Ringa Temple is one of the holiest and most well known temples among Tibetans, as far as from Lhasa and beyond. After we have walked around the holy circuit just as pilgrims do, we then go to the Tibetan villages below, in Kochi where we will get the pulse of traditional Tibetan lifestyle by walking by the village and visiting a family.
•Shudu Lake & Bita Lake
•Tibetan villages and family visit
•Ringa Temple

What’s included
•All  taxes
•private transportation
•A fantastic Tibetan tour guide (english speaking)
•2 bottles of mineral water
Not Included:
•Entry fees
•Medical and travel insurance
•Any other expenses

2 pax - Rmb 550 per person
3 pax - Rmb 350 per person
Minimum number of passengers: 2