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Pemagotre Trek

A challenging 7 hours trekking, specially designed for lovers of nature and adventure, through a beautiful and rugged trail to the sacred mountain of Pema Gotre (Crooked Lotus Head) one of holiest protectors of Shangri-La. Gaze at beautiful alpine forests, rich birdlife and fresh glacial brooks, and the major ranges in the region: Risum Gonpo (Yading), Haba, Shika and Tien Bao.
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9:00 - Meet at Khampa Caravan.
9:30 - Arrive at the trail head and start walk.
12:00 - Lunch at the foot of Pema Gotre mountain.
13:00 - Continue Trekking.
17:00 - Arrive to the trail end.

17:30 - Arrive back to town.

This is a trek for the adventurous with a long day’s walk up to the Pema Gotre mountain. After a 20 minute drive to Raa village, we begin the ascent up through a trail of lush forests with brooks flowing out from the mountains above. Great views of the wide valley of Raa and the Shikha mountains in the west side can be had. After a steep climb,  we get to a pass where a wide panoramic view of the surroundings ranges, the most famous being the Risum Gonpo (Yading). Once at the base of the Pema Gotre which is a rocky mound that  protrudes out of another mountain, we trek down another direction to end the trek in another village on the NE of Shangri-La where we are picked up by our vehicle and then drive back, with stops in a village and a visit to a family.

Altitude :  Approximately between 3300-4150 metres

•Walk up to the Pema Gotre 
•Raa village
•Gaze at the Shikha mountains and Risum Gonpo (Yading)
•Tibetan family visit

What’s included
•All tips and taxes
•private transportation
•A fantastic Tibetan tour guide (english speaking)
•Two bottles of water
Not Included:
•Entry fees
•Medical and travel insurance
•Any other expenses
2 pax – Rmb 400 per person
3 pax – Rmb 350 per person
4 pax – Rmb 300 per person

Minimum number of passengers: 2