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We take a leading position as the preferred partner for responsible travel in the Tibetan highlands promoting tourism in symbiosis with local communities. Our focus on the Tibetan frontier regions of Kham and Amdo affords us an expertise other companies cannot match. We strive to be a role model for other tour operators in the region, and take pride in finding innovative ways to carry out our business. Khampa Caravan partners with various tourism organizations, in order to ensure that our practice of responsible travel in the Tibetan highlands complies with international standards. We are a member of The International Ecotourism Society and The Northwest Yunnan Ecotourism Association.


We have an intimate knowledge of the land, an accumulated experience of 30 years of working in the industry, a wide network of partners and contacts, and a team of qualified, and motivated individuals to turn our venture into a success. At the bottom of Khampa Caravan's professionalism there is a deep sense of responsibility toward the clients we serve and the  communities in which we live. An innovative spirit combined with meticulous research and planning, make our journeys a feast for the imagination and a stage for personal discovery.


Traveling with Khampa Caravan is to experience a service unmatched throughout the highlands. Accommodation is always in the best hotels available, with local character and charm. When facilities are limited, we take our own equipment in order to set campings, making use of our expertise as regards best location, hygiene, and water. Our deluxe treks are outfitted with the highest quality camping equipment suited for the Tibetan climate. These includes sleeping tents, dining space, shower, and simple toilet tents, as well as camping chairs, tables, and mattresses. The entire Khampa Caravan team  is committed to provide a first-class service in the remote wilderness with special attention to details. Meals are wholesome and healthy, and the recipes have been carefully chosen to include regional ingredients, as they the best in order to adapt to this altitudes. All supplies are purchased locally either directly from farmers and nomads, or the local market. Some clients say the food on our treks is 5-star cuisine. Transport is varied and includes domestic flights, privately chartered coaches, land cruisers, jeeps, horses, yaks, mules, and mountain bikes.


Insuring your health and safety is our priority. Our Caravan Leaders are experienced mountain guides and always watchful to prevent any kind of injuries. They are trained in First Aids and carry mobile phones or radios, to communicate with Khampa Caravan's headquarter in Shangri-La in case it’s necessary. You must, however, arrange for proper insurance in your home-country against cancellations, accidents, health problems, emergency evacuations, and loss, theft or damage to baggage and personal effects.