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Napa Trek 

One of the best treks in Shangri-La’s vicinity, this day trip takes one through the remote western ranges of Napha Lake a seasonal wetland and wintering ground of the fabled and endangered black-neck crane. The seasonal lake which acts as a buffer is a major reason why the western range and the beautiful villages tucked deep within it’s valleys feels so isolated and removed from Shangri-La. 
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9:00am - Meet at Khampa Caravan and depart to the trekking trail.
9:30am -  Arrive to the trail head and start walking.
12:00pm - Lunch at the trail top.
12:30pm - Continue to the nomad camp.
14:00pm - Arrive to Tsowakha and turn back.
16:30pm - Arrive at the trail end.
17:00pm - Back at Khampa Caravan.

A 5-6 hour hike to Gyalthang’s protector mountains lying on the west side of the valley. The white Rocky Mountains are considered Protectors of many of the communities in the Gyalthang valley—they are so attached to these hills that they sing about them nostalgically during journeys or pilgrimages to far away places like Lhasa. The main peak is around 4500 meters high. Our trek begins on the grasslands at the base and then follows a beautiful path up the mountain ridges here you will behold panoramic views of the Gyalthang plains below and the surrounding mountain ranges. You will then reach the wide meadows of Tsowakha where nomads graze their yaks and set up temporary camps through the summer. From here, we can have an astonishing view of Shikha Mountain before descending down to the plains where you will be picked up by a vehicle. 
•Gaze at the White Rocky Mountains 
•Panoramic views of Shangri-La’s valleys
•Meadows of Tsowakha: where nomads graze their yaks and set up temporary camps through the summer
•Astonishing views of Shikha Mountain

What’s included
•All taxes
•Deluxe private transportation
•A fantastic Tibetan tour guide (english speaking)
•2 bottles of mineral water
Not Included:
•Entry fees
•Medical and travel insurance
•Any other expenses
2 pax - Rmb 450 per person
3 pax - Rmb 400 per person 
4 pax - Rmb 350 per person

Minimum number of passengers: 2