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6-day soft trek in Ringa
Visit to the sacred Ringa Temple one of the holiest and oldest Buddhist sites in Shangrila. trekking through beautiful trails passing through lush pine forests, flowers,and view of Abuji Mountain and Meili Snow Mountain.
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•Luggage transfers to the trail head and back to the town 
•All the Accommodations in camps
•All the meals during trekking
•English speaking Tibetan guide
•Cook during trekking
•Horses and horsemen for carrying the luggages
•Tents, camping equipment including dining tent, sleeping tent, sleeping mattress,out door tables , chairs, and cooking utensils

Not Included:
•Personal expenses
•Other sightseeings in Gyalthang 
•Medical and travel insurance
Price upon request

Day 1 Ringa to Nyigo Trek

This morning we will meet the horsemen and cook in Ringa, then visit of the Ringa temple,  trek about 4 hours to the surrounding mountains where the Kochi’s nomads graze their yaks. Today we will reach to the big Nyigo nomad settlement. We will specially visit a nomad camp and understand the way of their life. 

Overnight near Nyigo nomad hut by camping. 3400m

Day 2 Nyigo to Tsedeng Area Trek 

Today, we will make our way to Tsedang area about 4 hours,this hike is through meadows with flowers in bloom and then we continue heading into lush forests to Tsedeng area. 3700m camping

Day 3 Tsedeng to Tsogang Trek

Today we will trek for another 4 hours. On the way, we can have view of the three maginifcent peaks of the beautiful snow mountains- Karwa Karpo(The meili snow mountain), Mount Risum Gonpo in Yading and the Abuji for our next destination. We will overnight with camping at Tsogang. camping

Day 4 -Tsogang to Abuji Mountain & back to Tsogang

We will make a round trek for about 4 hours around Abuji mountains. Most of the trails will be along the trails set by the nomads who graze their cattle up in the mountains during the summer. The region is dense forested and because of the relative lack of roads there, the forests were comparatively well protected from modern government sanctioned harvesting since the 1960's. There is rich variety of pine, spruce, fir growth as well as a year round blossoms of various flowers including Rhododendrons, azaleas, blue poppies, gentians, irises, edelweiss and the hills are also home to a rich variety of birds and animals including brown bear. The Abuji jagged peaks are considered sacred by locals and below it is also a glacial lake that is considered one of the most holiest and powerful by the local Tibetans. In times of drought, monks from Sumtsenling trek to the region for rain calling rituals. Tibetans call it Tsonak (or Black lake) which partly explains the mystical power of these high mountain lakes. We will stay in Tsogang for one more night.                                      


Day 5 Binglie 

Today we will make our way back to Binglie about 4 hours, it is another nomad settlement for the nomads from Ringa valley. But there are only one or two nomad huts in this area. 

camping in Binglie

Day 6 Back to Ringa 

Today we make our way back in a different route to the trail end, we will walk all the way through the forest. The trekking will be around 3-4 hours.Then we will be picked by car in the afternoon.

•Ringa Temple

•Ringa valle

•Abuji Mountain

•Meili Snow Mountain

•Nyigo nomad settlement

•Kochi’s nomads


•Mount Risum Gonpo in Yading 

•Abuji Mountains

•Karwa Karpo

•Tsonak (or Black lake)


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