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5 - days Shika Trek: Backpacker Style
Trek between 3300-4000m on the mountain range located at the west area of Shangrila, in a backpacker style, where you carry your own camping equipment and help the guide to set the campsites and cook the meals. Meet the nomads along the trek and visit their traditional camps, gaze at the sacred Mount Shika, and visit of Nyata Tso Lake. 
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What’s included

1. All the meals during trekking
2. English speaking Tibetan guide

3. transportation to the beginning of the trail and back from the end of the trail to your hotel

Not Included:

1. Airfare
2. Personal expenses
3. Tips
4. Hotel in Shangri La
5. Other sightseeings or activities in Shangrila 
6. Cook
7. Food 

8. Camping equipment


1. Renting of camping equipment: sleeping tent, sleeping mattress, camping cookware, etcetera. 

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Day 1. Trek from Tryinyi village to Tsowaka
You will start your hike to Tsowaka, the nomadic settlement in the high plains of Gyalthang (Tibetan name of Zhongdian), accompanied by your guide, a cook and horses to carry your supply. This hike is only 2-3 hours, but the altitude is about 3600 m. Afternoon we will visit the sacred Lake of Nyata, Nyata Tso, is the main goal today, and will be reached in about 4 hours in 2 ways, trekking through old-growth forests and rhododendron woods. You will head back toTsowaka camping site in the late afternoon.
Overnight: camping
Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Day 2. Tsoyun nomadic settlement
Today, you will trek to Tsoyun nomadic settlement which is covered with meadows of gentians, edelweiss and azaleas. This trek will last for about 4-5 hours and is going to be the warm-up for tomorrow's demanding approach towards Shika Mountain.
Overnight: Camping
Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Day 3. Yijiding 
In the early morning you will head to Yijiding for about 4-5 hours and then we will camp in Yijiding.From there we can have very good view of Shika Mountain  (4447m). Under the star-covered Tibetan sky, you camp outside in your tents and listen to the sound of nature before falling asleep.
Overnight: Camping
Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Day 4. Chuaci 

Today we will continue our trekking to Chuaci 4-5 hours. 

Overnight: Camping

Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner
Day 5. Shangrila
After packing your tents and equipment, we will reach to Guozi for about 3 hours for the lunch. Then you will be continue trekking to the village of Bulun for another 2 hours, through the gorges on the foot of the mountain. Bulun village is a very traditional village that people still leads their life in farming and herding. Then you will drive to Napa Tso, the Lake of Napa, surrounded by beautiful grasslands and swamps; full of birds, Yaks, Dzo's and Pigs. In winter, the lake is the home for the Black Necked Crane, which is of great importance in Tibetan Myths. After a lakeside walking, you will drive back to the hotel.
Meals: Breakfast/ Lunch
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