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3-days Dechen / Khawa Karpo / Mingyong Tour
A three day driving tour on the Lhasa highway to Dechen where you will be amazed by nature marvels, temples and villages. Visit the amazing Yangtze Gorge and the , continue your ascent through the Baima Nature Preserve, wonder around the Gelukpa Monastery of Dhondupling, and gaze at  jagged peaks of Jol Gongsun. Trek on the sacred Mingyong glacier and then keep up with your tibetan religious experience by visiting Namka Tashi Monatsrey with amazing views of the Khawa Karpo range and finally exchange some smiles with the nuns of Dhondupling Nunnery.
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Day 1. 
9:00am meet at Khampa Caravan. Drive over the Tsebhula and then down to the Yangtze Gorge. After visiting the  village, we have lunch at Kunzera. We then continue our ascent through the Baima Nature Preserve, stopping at the Gelukpa Monastery of Dhondupling before we get to the Baima Pass where we will find ourselves in the midist of the jagged peaks of Jol Gongsun (4295m). Overnight in Dechen Feilaisi.

Day 2.
Morning we will drive about 2 hours to Mingyong village. Where it is the head of the trek to the glacier. Mingyong glacier is sacred to the local people. The glacier is fed by snows which fall on 6,740 m (22,107 ft) Mount Meili , also known as the Meili Snow Mountain . The glacier is located at the lowest latitude and elevation of any glacier in China. Today’s trek is about 4 hours and we will visit 2 sacred temples on the way. In the afternoon drive from Mingyong to Namka Tashi Monatsrey and the look out point if the Khawa Karpo range. Overnight in Dechen Feilaisi

Day 3.
During day 3 we start heading back and we stop at the Dhondupling Nunnery.
•Yangtze gorge,
•Dhondupling Moanstery, 
•Khawa Karpo range, 
•Namka Tashi Monastery,
•Mingyong Glacier,
•Dhondupling Nunnery

What’s included

•All  taxes
•private transportation
•A fantastic Tibetan tour guide (english speaking)
•Guide and driver’s hotel and meals 

Not Included:
•Entry fees
•Medical and travel insurance
Any other expenses

2 pax – 1800 RMB per person 
3 pax – 1400 RMB per person 

4 pax -  1200 RMB  per person 

Minimum number of passengers: 2