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12 days tour including Dechen Khawa Karpo tour and short trek in Shangri-la
A 12 days tour comprehensive of the major highlights of the Tibetan and other cultures of Gyalthang and its surroundings. Discover the old secrets of Shangri La and have a cultural immersion a Trinyi Village, sharing with locals they traditional songs and dancings. Visit old monasteries such as Dhondupling Monastery, natural wonders like the Mingyong glacier and the district of Nishar whose villages are rich in folklore and arts. Finalize your trip with a 5 and half days trek where you will be able to discover the hidden treasures of the local cultures, nomad camps and mountain temples.
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•Sumtsamling Monastery
•Shangrila Association of Cultural Preservation
•Tibetan Hotpot, dances and traditional songs at Trinyi Village
•Napha marshlands (The wintering grounds of the black neck crane)
•Nishar District
•Dhondupling Monastery
•Baima Snow Mountain
•Khawa Karpo scenic spot
•Mingyong village and glacier
•Meili Snow Mountain
•Abuji Trek (Trek with camping)
•Tsonak (or Black lake) 
•Ringa Temple
•Nomad’s camps
•360 degree view of the major ranges in Eastern Tibet including – Khawakarpo, Risum Gonpo with it’s three maginifcent peaks, Jade Dragon Mountains of Lijiang, Mt Haba as well as the Gaoli Gongshang of along the Burmese/China border


•All the accommodations and meals during the tour

•English speaking Tibetan guide

•Deluxe transport

Not Included:
•Personal expenses
•Other activities during the tour
•Medical and travel insurance

Price upon request

Day 1 Arrival in Shangrila from Kunming by flight
welcome the group in the airport and drive to the old town. Walk around the old town .Visit Shangrila Association of Cultural Preservation.
Afternoon we will have half day of the basic Thangka Painting learning.  
Late afternoon, we will drive down to Trinyi village where people still lead their traditional lives based on agriculture and pastoralism. In the evening you'll enjoy a traditional hotpot dinner, made from delicious local ingredients, followed by traditional dancing and singings by the villagers(19:30). 
Transfer back to the hotel in the evening. 

Day 2 Shangrila to Dechen to Feilaisi (191KM) 4-5 hours 
After driving out of town, we  will have an overview of the Napha marshlands (The wintering grounds of the black neck crane) and then cross over the Tsebula pass before we get to the district of Nishar whose villages are rich in folklore and arts. And then we descend through some wild landscapes before we come hit the upper Yangtze gorges. After lunch at Kungzera, we drive up along the Yangtze and then gradually ascend to the Dhondupling Monastery. We will continue our driving to Baima Snow Mountain and gradually to Dechen. Accommodation in Feilaisi.  

Day 3 Feilaisi to Mingyong 
Weather permiting, we can view the beautiful sunrise over the Snow Mountains. After that we will take a one and half-hour driving to Mingyong village.Then another 2 hours trekking up to the glacier. Mingyong glacier is sacred to the local people. The glacier is fed by snows which fall on 6,740 m (22,107 ft) Mount Meili , also known as the Meili Snow Mountain. The glacier is located at the lowest latitude and elevation of any glacier in China. In the afternoon drive from Mingyong to Feilaisi. 

Day 4 Feilaisi to Shangrila 
Today we will drive back from Dechen to Shangrila via the nunnery on the way. 

Day 5 Shangri-la 
Today we will begin the day with a tour of the sprawling Sumtsenling monastery built by instructions of the 5th Dalai Lama in the 17th Century. Inspired by the Potala Palace and perched on a hill, the sprawling monastery with numerous chapels and cathedrals is one of the largest Tibetan monasteries in Eastern Tibet. Through the knowledge of our local guides, we will get an understanding of Buddhism as well as the lifestyle of the monks by visits to the chapels and the residential quarters of the monks there which number 700 presently. In its heyday, Sumtsenling monastery housed more than 1500 monks. After lunch, we will have a short trek in Shika to do an acclimatization of 2-3 hours. 

Day 6 to Day 10 Abuji Trek (Trek with camping) 
The Abuji is a range that can be viewed from Gyalthang’s Shikha and Napha area. The jagged peaks ore considered sacred by locals and below it is also a glacial lake that is considered one of the most holiest and powerful by the local Tibetans. In times of drought, monks from Sumtsenling trek to the region for rain calling rituals. Tibetans call it Tsonak (or Black lake) which partly explains the mystical power of these alpine lakes. 
The trek itself is for 5 and a half days and it will involve about 5 hours of trekking each day. Our trek challenge will be to make it over the Abuji pass as well as the Abuji lake. 
Our adventure begins with a trek over the Eastern range sitting atop Gyalthang Dzong Hotel. We will visit Ringa Temple, one of the holiest sites in Gyalthang and then for next 5 days, we will trek through a changing terrain starting at 3300 and going all the way to 4300 metres when we cross the pass of Abuji mountains. Most of the trails will be along the trails set by the nomads who graze their cattle up in the mountains during the summer. The region is dense forested and because of the relative lack of roads there, the forests were comparatively well protected from modern government sanctioned harvesting since the 1960’s. There is rich variety of pine, spruce, fir growth as well as a year round blossoms of various flowers including Rhododendrons, azaleas, blue poppies, gentians, irises, edelweiss and the hills are also home to a rich variety of birds and animals including brown bear.
Along the trail we will be passing meadows and nomadic camps with great views which make for perfect camping sites. At one point on Day 3 we will also be perched on a spot where Tibetans burn juniper and put up prayer flags from which we will get a 360 degree view of the major ranges in Eastern Tibet including – Khawakarpo, Risum Gonpo with it’s three maginifcent peaks, Jade Dragon Mountains of Lijiang, Mt Haba as well as the Gaoli Gongshang of along the Burmese/China border.
Day 11 Trek ends, Gyalthang
We will trek the final portion for 2-3 hours today and then be picked up by our vehicles and then drive back to Shangrila. Will have a free dinner in the afternoon. 

Day 12 Flight from Shangrila to Kunming 
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